Sports & Deep-Tissue massage in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Improve your workout – and your wellbeing

Feel better. Move better. Be pain-free. Most professional athletes these days include massage in their workout. There’s a reason for that. Get a sports massage in Watford, Northwood, Bushey – or any part of Hertfordshire – from Lucas Massage Therapy and start getting the best out of your body. Say goodbye to those aches and stiff movements the day after training. Boost your performance. Increase your energy levels and concentration. Make sure that your body is ready to workout – protecting yourself from sports injuries.

The best part of the sports massage is that it’s not just for sporty people. Working in an office and spending countless hours sitting behind a desk, performing repetitive movements and developing a bad posture can have a detrimental effect on the human body. The sports & deep tissue massage can help you eliminate the negative effects of work-induced anxiety and stress by boosting your productivity, and wellbeing.

I believe that online services are the future and I like to share this vision with my customers. With the current advancements in Ethernet technology, your sports & deep tissue massage is now just one click away.

Boost your performance and gains.

A massage will boost your mental and physical energy levels. It will also get you in the right frame of mind to really concentrate on your workout, increasing your body awareness, coordination and athletic performance.

Protect yourself from injury.

Preparing your body – specifically your muscles, tendons and fascia – for exercise and bringing it back to a correct resting state afterwards massively reduces your risk of injury. Build a sports massage in Watford into your exercise regime and make sure your body is always ready to give it’s all – safely.

Recover from injury – treat conditions.

One of the many reasons why local people get a therapeutic massage from us in Watford is to treat injuries or conditions, or as an adjunct to other treatments. Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, stiff joints and the like are obvious complaints which massage therapy can help you with. But did you know that massages are also medically recognised for dealing with headaches and migraines?

Relax after your workout – or your stressful week.

It is not just pre and post athletics events and activity that we cater to. Get a back massage in Watford when stress reduction is an important part of the reason why you need to build massage into your routine.

Why choose Lucas Massage Therapy as your massage parlour in Watford?

Lucas Massage Therapy helps you get the best out of your training sessions and exercise. You can get professional assistance with recovery from and prevention of sports injuries. You can also get clear advice and recommendations to help you with your diet, posture and future athletic performance.

Many people choose us as their massage parlour in Watford for those reasons alone. But you can also count on the skills gained through more than seven years of experience supporting local gyms, recovery and rehabilitation centres. This wide-ranging expertise in both therapeutic and sports science makes Lucas the massage place of choice in Watford for a wide range of people. From keen professional and amateur athletes. To busy people trying to relieve the stress of their working week. To first-time gym-goers and those in need of specialist support to aid in their recovery from injury or illness.

  • Start with a friendly consultation to discuss your medical history and lifestyle.
  • Talk about your goals with an expert who can offer helpful advice.
  • Get your own massage therapy course tailored to your specific needs and those of your body.

What will I get out of my deep tissue massage in Watford?

The main function of sports & deep tissue massage is to prevent chronically shortened muscles from imposing too much stress on your body. Massage does this by lengthening any of your muscles which may now have a shorter resting length than normal due to exercise, injury or constant posture problems. By realigning the soft tissues in your body, you will feel much less stress and strain on both your skeleton and your nervous system in your resting state.

Your massage course may be focussed on certain areas – we will define problem points with you during your initial consultation – or be a full body deep tissue massage, depending on your needs. Both will result in freer movement and better posture, improving your coordination – and thus reducing your risk of injury.

If you need to know anything more about the science behind getting a deep tissue massage in Watford, do not hesitate to get in touch.

What’s the difference with a male massage in Watford?

There isn’t any. For most people, whether the person giving their massage is a masseur or masseuse is secondary to the skills and qualifications they possess. Lucas Massage Therapy was founded by a masseur, and thus provides male massage in Watford.

Qualified to degree-level and highly experienced in working in both therapeutic and sports and athletics training environments, your Lucas Massage Therapy masseur will have all of the skills you would want. Providing both female and male massage in Watford for clients – and qualified in postnatal massage therapy for women who have recently given birth – your masseur will ensure your course of therapy will always be matched to your specific needs.

Talk to an expert about focussed or full body massage in Watford

The first step when getting your sports, therapeutic, deep tissue or full body massage in Watford is to get a consultation. Your body is one-of-a-kind. Your massage therapy should always take into account any injuries you might have experienced, recent pregnancy or illness. That is in addition to lifestyle elements such as the amount and type of sport or exercise that you do, your diet and more.

Learn more about getting a full body massage in Watford – or how a specific type of massage can help you with recovery or boosting your performance – today.