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Sports & Remedial Massage / Deep-Tissue Massage in Watford


Offers full range of Massage,  Sports & Remedial Massage in Watford and Deep-Tissue Massage in Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8JA.


Sports massage can aid the prevention of injury as well as speeding up recovery time by helping with mobilisation, the stretching of muscles to their full length and potential, and by stimulating your lymphatic system.  Anyone can benefit from this treatment, you don’t have to be an athlete to have an injury! Most athletes today  include sports massage in their lifestyle, if you are training or playing sports regularly, or are just an active person, why don’t you include massage?  I can combine sports massage and deep-tissue massage to give you the best possible combination of treatments to enhance your sporting/aerobic performance. Lucas also offers a wide range of advice for stretching, strengthening exercises, diet, and many other aspects relating to training and good posture

Lucas believes sports massage and deep-tissue massage is critical to helping clients overcome problems caused by muscle tension, pain,  injury, stress, bad posture and over training.

Sports massage is that specific area of massage therapy that has been developed to help improve sports performance. It is now an accepted and integral part of the considered scientific approach to sports training, preparation, recovery and injury management. Sports massage may also be known as performance massage, athletic massage or deep tissue massage. It would seem these days that most elite athletes at least have easy access to this therapeutic aid. Indeed many sports clubs and fitness centers now have on-site professional massage facilities. Of course, as a therapy, it can be just as useful to non-athletes. Borrowing the standard massage techniques of effleurage, petrissage and tapotement. It is also normally combined with passive mobilizations, stretching and often with many other more remedial techniques. There are certain differences between sports massage and general body massage. For one, sports massage has developed, over the years, to directly help athletes prepare and recover from their training and competitions. Therefore it has generally been performed on people who have good knowledge and awareness of their bodies. Athletic bodies in many disciplines, especially those that involve a great deal of strength training, tend to be fit, toned and hard. Which can have implications for the therapist when attempting to access and attend to deeper structures


upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, rotator cuff injuries, muscle strains, sprain injuries, hip pain, tension headaches, knee injuries, tennis elbow, foot pain, piriformis, shin splints, whiplash, poor muscle activation, elbow pain, wrist pain, muscle compensation patterns, muscle imbalance, postural problems, RSI (repetitive strain injury), chronic pain, tiredness & stress, headache & migraine, sciatica, slipped disc, leg pain.


Deep Tissue Massage Watford

The heart of the integrated deep tissue system is, naturally, deep tissue therapy. Many varying styles of deep tissue therapy have been developed over the years, but some characteristics are common to all of them. The primary function of deep tissue therapy  is to reduce the level of stress imposed on the body by chronically shortened muscles. This is accomplished by applying a combination of slow compressive and lengthening procedures to the involved musculature.

As the soft tissues of the body are realigned and balance is returned to the skeleton, much less strain is imposed on the nervous system. This results in better posture and freer movement, which greatly reduce the risk of injury. Coordination is also improved. Minimizing strain around joints reduces the incidence of osteoarthritis and the possibility of ligament tears as well, and reducing the amount of energy used in holding chronically contracted muscles increases the overall level of vitality and promotes clearer thinking. All the body’s systems benefit from having more metabolic energy available to fuel them.

Remedial Massage Watford

Remedial massage is particular aspect of massage therapy that is proclaimed to relieve, improve or cure a selection of problems. The experienced sports massage therapist will be able to call upon many remedial techniques when working to improve function and performance, injuries, postural problems restrictions and other conditions.

Purpose of Deep Tissue Massage Watford

Deep tissue massage  is designed to return the body to a state of ease and balance by eliminating the uneven pulls on the skeleton caused by contracted muscles and constricted fascia. Muscular strain in the body may be assessed by watching how a person stands and moves. Manual testing of the degree of movement available at the joints also aids in determining which muscles are shorten or contracted. After recognizing the patterns of muscular distortion, the deep tissue therapy systematically release the shortened muscles and stretches the constricted fascia to re-establish freedom of movement of the bones.

Massage Watford

Massage has always been used as an aid to health, and by all manner of people. From mothers for children’s ailments, to nurses in respiratory care, and to osteopaths and medical massage therapists treating all types of conditions, Massage is used because it is effective. Not only is it a therapeutically useful technique, but it is also a very popular treatment. Subjectively it is known that massage feels good. Another bonus is that massage can be used to treat or relive a very wide variety of conditions. Perhaps not always as the main prescriptive medicine, but as a strong adjunct. Clients turn to massage therapists for many reasons. Obviously, sports massage has developed for sports people, and it is universally accepted. Massage can be helpful for musculo-skeletal injuries. Massage therapy is also widely used for such wide-ranging conditions. As anxiety, depression, palliative cancer care, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Arthritis, Constipation, Headache, Migraine, Multiple sclerosis and Insomnia. Whether the object is to use specific massage techniques to attend to specific dysfunctions and injuries. The object is to generate a relaxation effect. The therapy is more than useful and always will be considered to be so.