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Lucas got good attitude with great massaging skills. He identified all the muscle/tissue tightness on my back, shoulder and neck then loosened it with massages. This relieved me from my ribs, back and shoulder pain which I was suffering for almost a year.

Prakash Abraham 23rd June 2018

Lucas is exceptional at what he does. Look no further. You owe it to yourself to go and see him whether or not you have any aches and pains! If there was such a thing as X-ray vision...that’s what he has. He is able to identify and locate problem areas with great precision. Deep tissue massage at its best. I am a picky customer and not easy to please! He’s very good indeed �

Sheet al Patel 5th June 2018

Went to Lucas for my neck, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle injuries. His treatment works every time! I used to suffer from neck tension headaches which have stopped. Better blood flow = better healing. Would recommend over the NHS for all injuries, great for returning to sport quickly.

Rohit Mitra 30th May 2018

Lucas is a wonderful massage therapist! I had number of problems with shoulders and back and knees.Lucas was fantastic at locating the problem areas and working to revive the tissues circulation.
I really recommend Lucas massage therapy.

Azar Hussain Shah 18th May 2018

Massage I find combine with other things is always beneficial.... Lucas is professional and good at his work.

Darren Curtis 7th February 2018

Excellent therapy with useful information on how to look after any injury or strain. Highly recommended.

Keith Smithson 5th January 2018

Lucas really helped me with a chronic knee and wrist injury that was causing me lots of pain and hassle. He was very attentive and his treatments were just what I needed. His expertise helped me to continue to heal myself at home.

Tom Mayo 3rd January 2018

I had sports massage Therapy from Lucas a few years back. Not always a comfortable experience - deep tissue massage on stressed and tensed up muscles is not expected to be. But the results were well worth the temporary discomfort, which lessened very quickly after the first few treatments.
Lucas is such a friendly individual.

Wendy Kirkman 1st January 2018

I booked a session with Lucas because of neck and shoulder problems. These are probably caused by sitting at a laptop all day. Lucas provided a great (albeit very painful at times) service. The next day I saw a massive improvement, increased mobility of my neck and a considerable reduction in pain. Highly recommended (but take something to bite down on 🙂 )

Paul Beauchamp 6th September 2017

Testimonial of Lucas: Sports massage therapist

I have been a client of Lucas now for several years. I am a doctor and have suffered bad back ache for about 8 years and this was worsened by a kick boxing injury. I have visited chiropractors and physiotherapists and had only slight improvements in the pain. After seeing Lucas for a few times, I had a massive improvement in my back ache and still cannot believe I could get such total relief from my symptoms from these massages. He is like a magician and though the massage is deep, I have never had a muscle spasm or worsening of the situation afterwards, as I have had from other massages where the therapists don't know what they are doing. Lucas is the best value for money ever if you have muscle pain, muscle tightness or muscle related injuries. Thank you, Lucas.

Dr. Kumar

Surrender Kumar 5th September 2017

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