has always been used as an aid to health, and by all manner of people. From mothers for children’s ailments, to nurses in respiratory care, and to osteopaths and medical therapists treating all types of conditions, it is used because it is effective. Not only is it a therapeutically useful technique, but it is also a very popular treatment. Subjectively it is known that massage feels good. 

Another bonus is to treat or relive a very wide variety of conditions. Perhaps not always as the main prescriptive medicine, but as a strong adjunct. Clients turn to massage therapists for many reasons. Obviously, sports massage has developed for sports people, and it is universally accepted. Massage can be helpful for musculoskeletal injuries. Massage therapy is also widely used for such wide-ranging conditions. As anxiety, depression, palliative cancer care, fibromyalgia, asthma, arthritis, constipation, headache, migraine, multiple sclerosis and insomnia.

Whether the object is to use specific massage techniques to attend to specific dysfunctions and injuries. The object is to generate a relaxation effect. The therapy is more than useful and will always be considered to be so.

Deep tissue massage  is designed to return the body to a state of ease and balance by eliminating the uneven pulls on the skeleton caused by contracted muscles and constricted fascia. Muscular strain in the body may be assessed by watching how a person stands and moves. Manual testing of the degree of movement available at the joints also aids in determining which muscles are shorten or contracted. After recognizing the patterns of muscular distortion, the deep tissue therapy systematically release the shortened muscles and stretches the constricted fascia to re-establish freedom of movement of the bones.

Sports massage can aid the prevention of injury as well as speeding up recovery time by helping with mobilisation, the stretching of muscles to their full length and potential, and by stimulating your lymphatic system.  Anyone can benefit from this treatment, you don’t have to be an athlete to have an injury! Most athletes today  include it in their lifestyle, if you are training or playing sports regularly, or are just an active person. Lucas also offers a wide range of advice for stretching, strengthening exercises, diet, and many other aspects relating to training and good posture

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