Causes of Lower Back Pain

Muscle tightness and pain from sitting job

Almost any occupation uses the same set of muscles over and over. Assembly-line workers are the obvious example, but I see repetitive stress injuries in people who do all sorts of work. An architect I treated was always bent over his drafting board. He had nerve pain from his neck problems, too, as well as back pain. Dentists work with the elbow lifted higher than the shoulder for long periods, so they also get neck problems. The same is true of hairdressers and makeup artists.

Even if your job keeps you tied to a desk, and your greatest exertion all week is going to the refrigerator to grab a beer, you are at risk for injury. With the advent of computers, occupational injuries among office workers surged.

Do you sit a lot?

Put all these consequences of sitting at a computer together, and you’ve got lower-back pain, neck pain,(usually on the side where you hold your souse or phone), pain between your shoulder blades, migraines, a painful jaw (TM), or joint syndrome), and, of course, numbness and tingling in the forearms and hands from carpal tunnel syndrome. Certainly, the office worker inhabits a very dangerous place. 

Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome?

So-called carpal tunnel syndrome, which now causes more days away from work than any other disabling condition, has become a household word, but it’s not the only injury the desk worker faces. When that person stands up, you’re likely to see a permanently rounded upper back, with a head that just forward and a concave chest. What you can’t see are the contracted muscles at the front and side of the neck, the shortened biceps (both factors in carpal tunnel syndrome), forearms chronically in spasm from typing, tight hip flexors, compressed nerves in the pelvis, and buttocks with impaired blood circulation. Did you know that when you sit on your butt all day, your gluteus muscles stop working? The gluteus are not just something to sit on; they’re major muscles that you need to stand erect, jump, and walk up stairs.

I believe sports massage and deep-tissue massage is critical to helping clients overcome problems caused by muscle tension, injury, stress, bad posture and over training.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain

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After massage I will also give you the best advice for stretching, exercise, good posture and the right balance.


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