Correct posture at desk

Computer monitor and eyes level

It is very important to have your eyes in line with the screen to prevent neck strain. If you look down at your screen a lot, it puts excess strain on your neck. The neck muscles are overstretched. That might lead to serious injury, chronic pain, tension headaches and stiffness.  You can raise your screen to be at eye level. 



Avoid pulling arms forward, because upper back muscles get extended and overstretched. Your shoulders start to rotate forward, causing you to lose strength in your upper back. To avoid shoulder injuries and chronic upper back pain and tightness, keep your arms at a 90-degree angle in a neutral resting position. Use your armrests.



Sit far back in with your back touching the back support, with a small curve in the lumbar spine where your natural lower back is. Without support, the back tends to get too much of a curve in the opposite direction known as hunchback. Leaving the lower back perfectly exposed to disc herniation and chronic postural lower back strains and sprains. Get a comfortable chair with a support.


Legs and feet

When your legs are crossed or just your toes are touching the floor, you are putting stress on large supportive muscles and hampering proper blood flow. That can lead to chronic pain and muscle tightness. Make a right angle with your knees. Your feet should touch the ground and have a right angle like your elbows.

The takeaway

It is very important to make changes to your posture. Bad sitting habits as slouching, hunching to crossing your legs can lead to serious injuries, chronic pain and chronic muscle tightness. 

Posture brace

Bad posture habits can have adverse effects on your general health and this is where the best posture brace can help. If you have a tendency to slouch and hunch your shoulders forward while working, chances are you’re going have back and neck pains by the end of the day. So you might as well take proper actions to maintain a proper posture now or else face serious muscle-misalignment issues later. Given these reasons, it’s easy to understand why it is in your best interests to look for a solution.




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