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I booked a session with Lucas because of neck and shoulder problems. These are probably caused by sitting at a laptop all day. Lucas provided a great (albeit very painful at times) service. The next day I saw a massive improvement, increased mobility of my neck and a considerable reduction in pain. Highly recommended (but take something to bite down on 🙂 )

Paul Beauchamp 6th September 2017

Testimonial of Lucas: Sports massage therapist

I have been a client of Lucas's now for several months. I am a doctor and have suffered bad back ache for about 8 years and this was worsened by a kick boxing injury. I have visited chiropractors and physiotherapists and had only slight improvements in the pain. After seeing Lucas for a few times, I had a massive improvement in my back ache and still cannot believe I could get such total relief from my symptoms from these massages. He is like a magician and though the massage is deep, I have never had a muscle spasm or worsening of the situation afterwards, as I have had from other massages where the therapists don't know what they are doing. Lucas is the best value for money ever if you have muscle pain, muscle tightness or muscle related injuries. Thank you Lucas.

Dr. Kumar

Surrinder Kumar 5th September 2017

Highly recommend Lucas, the treatment was great.

Ktisty Rawlings 5th September 2017

Lucas gave a really thorough massage - my shoulders feel about 10cm lower than they did yesterday, and all the clunking when I move them has disappeared! He also gave some great advice on stretching and posture. Highly recommended.

Clare Parker 5th September 2017

This is not for someone looking for a bit of pampering. Lucas finds the bits that hurt then works on them. He does stop if you scream. Despite the pain I look forward to seeing him. I've tried normal physiotherapy acupuncture chiropractor and Amatsu. This hands on approach works far better for me. Good offers if you want to book a course of treatments. Always runs to time.

Vanessa Mackay 5th September 2017

Very professional and really felt a difference after my first session. Highly recommend Lucas Massage 10/10

Barry O'Donnell 5th September 2017

I would like to thank lucas for helping me through my treatment. He has been really helpful and understanding. The massages work wonders and keep me going. I would recommend luca to anyone.

H Kaz 5th September 2017

Lucas is highly effective - really helped with quite a few issues I was having, partly to do with working in an office. Very helpful advice and tips on stretches for long term relief. Have recommended to friends and family

Abbas Khaku 5th September 2017

Very professional and friendly. Well diagnose, correct treatment beneficial also prescription pos-treatment. I will certainty return to continue the therapy.

Neyde Lima 27th April 2017

Helped my shoulder pain. Very professional at good price. Highly recommended

Erick Kowalski 22nd February 2017

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